data science

Data Science

Data Science is an art of unfolding the story hidden behind the historical data using new generation software like Python, R, SAS and other statistical software. Our Data Science program include SAS Scripting, Python, R Programming, Basic and Advance Statistics, Machine learning Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. Program has been designed by veteran industry professionals who have more than 15 years of industry experience. This Data Science program is designed considering current industry requirement and real scenarios at work place. Program has many real projects and case studies which helps learner to understand the complete Data Science concepts and applications.

  1. Data Science with R
    1. S-A-S Programming
    2. Basic and Advance Statistics
    3. R Programming
    4. Machine Learning
    5. Power BI
    6. Advance Excel/VBA
  2. Data Science with Python
    1. S-A-S Programming
    2. Basic and Advance Statistics
    3. Python Programming
    4. Machine Learning
    5. Artificial Intelligence
    6. Power BI
    7. Advance Excel/VBA
  3. Data Science PRO
    1. S-A-S  Programming
    2. Basic and Advance Statistics
    3. R Programming
    4. Machine Learning
    5. Python Programming
    6. Artificial Intelligence
    7. Power BI
    8. Tableau
    9. Advance Excel/VBA
  1. Number of Road Accident Prediction
  2. Loan Default Prediction
  3. Mutual Fund Segmentation
  4. Tourist Forecast
  5. Sentimental Analysis of Voters in Elections
  1. What are assumptions of linear regression
  2. How to validate the accuracy of a model
  3. Steps to build a regression Model
  4. What is difference between Precision and Recall?
  5. What is TDIF in text analytics?
  1. What is difference between Data Science and Data Analytics
    Ans. Data Science include complex statistical and machine learning algorithms however Data Analytics cover traditional analytics and data crunching.
  2. Which software is most important?
    Ans.  There is no specific requirement in terms of Softwares to become data scientist however you must be good in Statistics and Mathematical Algorithms.
  3. What if I want to learn only one software at a time.
    Ans. You can learn as you have option.
  4. Is there any pre-requisite to learn this program?
    Ans No, There is not pre-requisite to learn this course. However  you should have some quantitative background with interest and logical bent of mind.
  5. I do not have any prior programming experience.Can I go for this program?
    Ans Yes, you can surely go for this program as there is no prior software knowledge required.
  6. Do you provide online or classroom training
    Ans. We provider both online or classroom training.
  7. Do you provide back up classes for any missing topics?
    Ans  Yes, we do however you have two option. One , you can take session in any other batch or you can refer recording which is available at request.
  8. Do you provide placement and placement guarantee?
    Ans. Yes, we do provide placement assistance however there is no guarantee. But we can assure you that you will get best training and material to shape your career better in near future.

RS 35,000

5 Months

Data Science Pro

Data Science with SAS, R & Python

RS 24,000

3 Months

Data Science with R

Data Science with SAS & R Programming

RS 29,000

4 Months

Data Science with using Python

Data Science with SAS, R, Python









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