Data Science With Python Bootcamp with 3 Months Internship
Join 10 Days Data Science Bootcamp to learn and apply Machine Learning & AI

3 Months Online Internship with good Stipend for Selected Candidates. B.Tech Students are preferable.

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10 Hours Program Detail

  1. Application of Machine Learning
  2. Installation of Python
  3. Introduction of Python
  1. Control Flow
    1. If-THEN-ELSE
    2. Loop with For and While
  2. Function
    1. User Defined
    2. System Defined
  3. Classes
    1. Names and Objects
    2. Scopes and Namespaces
    3. Classes and Variables
    4. Odds and Ends
  1. Numpy
  2. Sckit-learn
  3. Panda
  4. NLTK
  6. Scrapy
  7. Matplotlib
  1. Data from different sources
  2. Create and Import Python Modules
  1. Introduction of Machine Learning and Components
  2. Supervised and Unsupervised Methods
  3. Sampling Techniques in Machine Learning
  4. Multi fold Validation Technique
  5. Bagging and Boosting Methods
  6. Ensemble Techniques
  7. Random Forest with Interpretation of Outputs
Boot Camp Detail
Bootcamp Starts from Jan 20 To Jan 30
Rs 5,000


10 Hours


Class Mode:
Instructor Led Online
Course Content:
Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Pycharm, Jupyter


Course Benefits:
Student will able to use Python programing , apply Machine Learning and know about Artificial Intelligence
01. BootCamp Benefit
Students will learn and earn following benefits through 10 hours Data Science Bootcamp
Learn Programming

Students will learn python programming and building application GUI using Django

Certificate of Completion

Student will earn Data Science Certificate for successfully completing the bootcamp.

Industry Salary Trend for Data Scientist
02. 3 Months Internship
Student will have option to go for 3 Months Internship
Step 1

Assessment will be conducted by partner AI company to check level of understanding.

Step 2

Selected candidates will be chosen for full time online internship with or without Stipend.


Bootcamp Features

Case Studies and Projects to understand real scenarios

All Sessions have assignments and daily task

Recorded Videos and presentation for reference

Interview Questions for related topic

Certification of Completion

3 Months Internship with AI Company

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