Python Tutorial 3-Index Function in Python

Index Function in Python

Index function helps to find the position of specific string in a sentence. In many cases in data, instead of getting complete text value, user want to find and extract specific text from a sentence. In below examples, user want to find the City and Pin code by reading number plate of cars. There are three python objects which have been created to complete this task.

#list of number plates of cars

car1 = ['DL-2C-3321','MH-02-8832','HR-05-4332']
#dictionary showing the pin code based on last 4 digit of car plates

car2 = {
'3321': 110018,
'8832' : 400021,
'4332' : 122009,
#dictionary showing city name based on first two strings of number plates.

car3 = {
'DL' : 'delhi',
'MH' : 'Maharastra',
'HR' : 'Haryana'
# Functions and steps to extract the city and pin code from number plates.


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