Python Programming

Python Programming

Python is very popular programming language nowadays among various data science companies. Python is an object oriented language which require some platform to execute the commands. Some of popular platform/IDE are Pycharm, Spyder, Jypyter etc. to run the python language. Python has also its own console however programmer use other IDEs because of many inbuilt Libraries and modules. Being an open source platform ,Python allows to download libraries from internet which make possible to use complex algorithm very easily.

    1. Machine Learning with Python Programming
      1. Python Programming
      2. Basic and Advance Python Language
      3. Learn with Either Pycharm, Spider or Jupyter.
      4. Basic and Advance Statistics.
      5. Bagging and Boosting Machine Learning Algorithms
      6. Python using Github and other useful resource
  1. Human Activity Recognition for Smartphones
  2. Prediction of Image if it is Advertisement or not.

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  1. What are major components in Python.
  2. What is TUPLE.
  3. What is KNN and how is different from K-Means Clustering.
  1. I am from non technical background. Can I learn the python?
    Ans: Yes, Python can be easily acquaint despite having core technical language.
  2. What kind of laptop configuration required in my system?
    Ans: Windows/Mac with 4 GB RAM is enough for python. However 8 GB RAM is recommended to smoothly run some of the complex algorithms
  3. Is there any pre-requisite to learn this program?
    Ans. There is not pre-requisite to learn this course. However you should have some quantitative background with interest and logical bent of mind.
  4. I do not have any prior programming experience.Can I go for this program?
    Ans. Yes, you can surely go for this program as there is no prior software knowledge required.
  5. Do you provide online or classroom training?
    Ans. We provider both online or classroom training.
  6. Do you provide back up classes for any missing topics?
    Ans Yes, we do however you have two option. One , you can take session in any other batch or you can refer recording which is available at request.
  7. Do you provide placement and placement guarantee?
    Ans. Yes, we do provide placement assistance however there is no guarantee. But we can assure you that you will get best training and material to shape your career better in near future.
  8. Is there any Installment option to pay the fees?
    Ans. can pay fees in installment for almost all the programs except few.

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Machine Learning with Python

Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Pycharm, Jupyter

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