String Formatting in Python

Python Tutorial 3-Index Function in Python

Index Function in Python Index function helps to find the position of specific string in a sentence. In many cases in data, instead of getting complete text value, user want to find and extract specific text from a sentence. In below examples, user want to find the City and Pin code by reading number plate […]

Python Tutorial 2-String Formatting in Python

You want to print “Hello Mr X ” wherein you have created variable name as “Mr X”. name= “Mr X” print(“Hello, %s!” % name) Another example, print ” Mr X is 25 years old” where you have to create extra variable name as Age name= “Mr X” age=25 print(“%s is %d years old ” % […]

Python Tutorial 1-Basic Python Syntax and Commands

  Comment the line   # program to create variable “user” # Short command in spyder, press CTRL+1 to comment the line   Syntax to create new Variable “user”   user =”Amit” # print to check the output of new variable print(user) Variables Every variable name can consist letters, numbers and underscore No other type […]

Learn R programming with Predictive Analytics

R programming language is free software for graphics and statistical computing language disused by data miners and statisticians for the development of statistical software. It includes a huge variety of graphical and statistical techniques, time series analysis, clustering, linear and non-linear modeling and classification. It is used for solving out any problem in data science […]

R Programming Training in Delhi

Proficiency in R programming Language is highly in demand by the companies as R is useful in statistics, data mining and analytics. It is highly recommended by the data scientists in comparison to other programming languages. Google uses R to calculate Rate of interest, Twitter uses R to measure user experience and Ford uses R […]

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