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Data Science with Python

Learning Format

Online Learning


4 Months


Job Guarantee Program


7 Units

Course Fee

₹ 34999/-

₹ 39,999

Course Type

Weekend Led

Programme Overview


Professional Certificiation recognized worldwide

1 on 1 Mentorship with Industry Mentors

Weekend Based Classes

Doubt sessions on every wednesday

25+ industry realted Projects

Job Guaranteed Program

Connect with 500+ Alumani Network

Lifetime access for recorded sessions

Free access to Business Intelligence Courses

Career Centre Classes by Professionals

Skills Student Learn

Python, Data Analytics with python, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning,  Data Visualization, Natural Language Programming and more

Job Opportunities

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, Business Analyst and many more

Programming Languages and Tools Covered


What is Data Science

Application of Statistics and Programming in Data Science

Importance of Data in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Data Analytics

Introduction to Data Types

Basic Statistics


Inferential Statistics

Python Introduction

Data Types and Data Structure Variables


Control Flow

Exception Handling


Useful Data Science Liabraries

Import Datasets and Modules

Numpy arrays


Data Visualization

Instroduction to Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Cluster Analysis

Time Series Forecasting

Decision Tree

Ensemble Methods in Tree Based Models

Support Vector Machines

K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN)



Extracting Data using NLP

Text Preprocessing for application

Text Indexing for Analysis

Feature Engineering for Word Cloud

Advanced NLP and ML for NLP

Implementing Industrial Applications

NLP and Deep Learnign for NLP

100 + hours

Live Sessions

1:1 Doubt Sessions

25+ Capstone Projects

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