Exploratory Data Analysis

The Number Of Gun Incident Per State and Cities

St. Louis is the "Vice City" in the United States

Why there are so many gun incidents in the Labor Day Weekend

When people have more time to hang around there are more chances to have gun incidents


Total Incidents by States (Top 3): Illinois (35814), California (30745), Texas (30190)

Total Incidents by Cities (Top 3): Chicago (23343), Philadelphia (9879), Texas (7870)

Incidents Per 10000 Inhabitant by States (Top 3): District of Columbia (11.87), Louisiana (4.23), Illinois (3.53)

Incidents Per 10000 Inhabitant by Cities (Top 3): St. Louis(22.14), New Orleans(17.72), Baltimore(16.79)

Incidents by Holiday (Top 3): Labor Day Weekend (2920), New Year’s Day (2061), 4th of July (1955)