Netflix TV Shows and Movies Analysis

This data set was created to list all shows available on Netflix streaming, and analyze the data to find interesting facts. This data was acquired in May 2022 containing data available in the United States.

This dataset has two files containing the titles (titles.csv) and the cast (credits.csv) for the title.
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This dataset contains +5k unique titles on Netflix with 15 columns containing their information, including:

  • ID: The title ID on JustWatch.
  • title: The name of the title.
  • show type: TV show or movie.
  • description: A brief description.
  • release year: The release year.
  • age certification: The age certification.
  • runtime: The length of the episode (SHOW) or movie.
  • genres: A list of genres.
  • production countries: A list of countries that produced the title.
  • seasons: Number of seasons if it’s a SHOW.
  • IMDB ID: The title ID on IMDB.
  • IMDB Score: Score on IMDB.
  • IMDB Votes: Votes on IMDB.
  • TMDB Popularity: Popularity on TMDB.
  • TMDB Score: Score on TMDB.

And over +77k credits of actors and directors on Netflix titles with 5 columns containing their information, including:

  • person ID: The person ID on JustWatch.
  • ID: The title ID on JustWatch.
  • name: The actor or director’s name.
  • character name: The character name.
  • role: ACTOR or DIRECTOR.


  • Developing a content-based recommender system using the genres and/or descriptions.
  • Identifying the main content available on the streaming.
  • Network analysis on the cast of the titles.
  • Exploratory data analysis to find interesting insights.

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