Zomato Restaurants Analysis and Prediction

The basic idea of analyzing the Zomato dataset is to get a fair idea about the factors affecting the aggregate rating of each restaurant, establishment of different types of restaurant at different places, Bengaluru being one such city has more than 12,000 restaurants with restaurants serving dishes from all over the world. With each day new restaurants opening the industry has’nt been saturated yet and the demand is increasing day by day. Inspite of increasing demand it however has become difficult for new restaurants to compete with established restaurants. Most of them serving the same food. Bengaluru being an IT capital of India. Most of the people here are dependent mainly on the restaurant food as they don’t have time to cook for themselves. With such an overwhelming demand of restaurants it has therefore become important to study the demography of a location. What kind of a food is more popular in a locality. Do the entire locality loves vegetarian food. If yes then is that locality populated by a particular sect of people for eg. Jain, Marwaris, Gujaratis who are mostly vegetarian. These kind of analysis can be done using the data, by studying different factors.

Find Dataset Here : DOWNLOAD DATASET

Columns Explanations in Dataset

url : contains the url of the restaurant in the zomato website
address : contains the address of the restaurant in Bengaluru
name : contains the name of the restaurant
online_order : whether online ordering is available in the restaurant or not
book_table : table book option available or not
rate : contains the overall rating of the restaurant out of 5
votes : contains total number of rating for the restaurant as of the above mentioned date
phone : contains the phone number of the restaurant
location : contains the neighborhood in which the restaurant is located
rest_type : restaurant type

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