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With the objective of providing a holistic Data Science approach, this course has been designed to provide a complete Data Science Life Cycle to learners and provide a cloud integrated environment for lab practice. Data Science has evolved into different layers of technology in the last few decades and transformed many industries including Banking, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare and other technology areas. We provide a simulated Data Science lab to learners to accustom them with real life data science projects.

Benefits of the course

  • Student will learn complete Data Science Life Cycle and AI implementation with practice on real industry use cases
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) principles and applications.
  • Machine learning (ML) techniques, including model selection and evaluation.
  • SQL for database management and data extraction.
  • Cloud computing with platforms like AWS and Azure.
  • Python programming for data manipulation and AI/ML model development.
  • R programming for statistical analysis and data visualization.
  • Advanced analytics, including predictive modeling and A/B testing.

Topics for this course

57 Lessons 463 hours


What is Artificial Intelligence
Life Cycle of AI
Application of Statistics and Programming
Importance of Data and branches in of Data Science

Basic Statistics


R Programming

Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

SQL (Structured Query Language)

Target Audience

  • Learners with technical mindset
  • Graduates with Quantitative Background
  • People from non-mathematics background but have technical background are welcome.

  • Duration 463 hours
  • Lessons57
  • Skill levelExpert
  • CategoryArtificial Intelligence

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