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Python Tutorial 4-If Then Else in Python

Conditional statement is most sought after situation in programming. There are many rules and operators get used while using IF THEN ELSE in python. These statement get used when programmer some output based on certain condition or want to perform any function or activity upon any conditional event. Before...

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Learn R programming with Predictive Analytics

R programming language is free software for graphics and statistical computing language disused by data miners and statisticians for the development of statistical software. It includes a huge variety of graphical and statistical techniques, time series analysis, clustering, linear and non-linear modeling and classification. It is used for solving...

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Business Analytics Training in Delhi

Data Analytics is the process of evaluation of data through analytical and logical reasoning for examination of each component of data given. The data analyst converts the collected data into a readable format suitable for analyzing it through analyzing tools After rigorous analysis a data analyst reaches the conclusion...

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